The Swiss Bar Multi Grip can be used for everything from flat, incline or overhead press for trainers who need alternate grips to avoid discomfort, or building massive arms with hammer curls and tricep extensions - it's much easier on your shoulders and elbows than a regular straight barbell. Dominate your shoulder training with the Swiss Bar. Fitness Wholesale have some of Australia's largest range of barbells for sale - and you can get them all online! Southern Fitness Wholesale is the best place to buy specialty barbells in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Triceps bars are designed specifically for maximum concentration of those hard to hit triceps muscles. This unique design allows unrestricted arm movement and eliminates discomfort to elbows forearms and wrists. It's also great for hammer curls to build and develop the biceps and forearms.

The Swiss Bar is a strength tool The Swiss Bar is recommended by performance trainers as a strength tool for isolation and compound movements and a variation to overcome plateau.
Heavy Duty An extremely heavy duty Swiss Bar with a massive 300 kg weight rating!
Multiple Grips for Triceps, Chest and Shoulders The Swiss Bar Multi Grip has inner and outer neutral grip positions to target triceps, chest and shoulders.
Neutral Grips Neutral grips reduce strain on wrist and shoulders compared with performing the same exercise movements on a regular barbell.
Reinforced Structural Integrity The Swiss Bar is fully welded for reinforced structural integrity.
Rapid gains in triceps and biceps Achieve rapid gains in Triceps and Biceps growth. The Swiss Bar Multi Grip is ideal for isolation exercises.
Rackable on most power racks The inner width of the Swiss Bar has been designed to be rack-able on most Power Racks. This allows you to safely train to failure if you have safety catches positioned on your rack.
Covered in EcoCoat power finish The Swiss Bar is covered in EcoCoat. Durable powder coat followed by additional clear coating for long lasting protection.

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Southern Swiss Bar Multi Grip

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