Functional / Exercise Balls

Focus on your core strength with the ideal piece of equipment for a home or commercial gym workout; they are of course slam balls, wall balls, dead balls, medicine balls and fit balls. They are an all-round favorite, and are the ideal workout partner for toning and strengthening, as well as improving balance and coordination.

What is so special about those big rubber balls just lying about the floors of almost every gym out there? While they are quite fun to bounce around with, these balls, which are also known as stability balls, are made for more than your leisure. Through targeting the simplest of workouts such as push-ups, planks, and squats, and taking them to unfamiliar ground, you get more gains out of your exercises. These are a great tool to utilize when you’re actually trying to get back in shape after a serious injury that may have limited your movement for a considerable amount of time. The range of movement and exercise experience it creates allows for one that can cater to someone that has come to the gym after sustaining a serious physical injury for rehabilitation. It is simply a versatile and useful tool.

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