The right accessories can make your workout and training session that much better. Here at Southern Fitness Wholesale, we have what you need to take your gym and fitness training to the next level, whether you want to reduce the risk of certain injuries or add more resistance to your training exercises! Aside from the hundreds of different fitness equipment you see and utilize at the gym, there are other products that help assist you in your training.

From weight plates to attachment bars, medicine balls to foam rollers and a wide variety of functional training gear, our huge selection of accessories will definitely have the one you truly need.

Aerobic equipment mainly consists of skipping ropes, balance balls and trampolines. These are all considered essentials to the vigorous physical activity known as aerobic exercise. Belts, gloves, straps and wraps are the most common accessories you see hardcore weight lifters use at the gym. Since strength lifters lift heavy loads of weights, it is important for them to wear a protective dead lifting belt to ensure their backs won't injure while performing a lift.

Cable attachments are used on various cable machines. Using them in different angles can help you target different muscle groups. Medicine balls are known to be part of functional training and because you need to exert effort into balancing yourself while using them, they help target your core as well. Power bands, also known as resistance bands, can be used to enhance multiple exercises by adding resistance to your workout.

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