Some of the specialized benches at Southern Fitness Wholesale are the Weight Lifting Flat, Incline Decline and Preacher Benches. A quality bench will be the real workhorse of your gym. They can be used for dumbbell work or in your power rack. The benches that have optional attachments can be almost like a multi-gym. So your weight bench will see a lot of action, that is why it is critical to get something that can stand up to the rigors of regular training.

The most basic bench is the flat bench. These were the most common type of benches in the early days of weight training. Ironically as strength training as reverted back to an emphasis on basic movements like bench press, flat benches have undergone the resurgence. But for those that want some variety, benches were designed that could also go incline. This allowed you to do different exercises in a variety of angles – like incline bench press. The design of these flat incline benches is relatively simple, so they can be heavy duty.

The incline benches were further developed to incorporate decline angles. For serious home gym users or personal trainers that are tight on space, the all purpose benches are very popular. You get to perform a variety of exercises from the one workout bench.

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