• Southern Wooden Gym Rings

Wooden Gym Rings provide workouts beyond free weights or cable weights, with balance based body weight exercises that will work your smaller, stabilizing muscles and core. Excellent for building strength and control.

Suspension training has built a reputation as one of the best upper body workouts on offer. The most rigorous and rewarding kind of suspension training is performed on a set of Wooden Gym Rings.

Wooden gym rings surpass the benchmark of durability and functionality. Wood holds chalk more effectively, to provide a better, more durable grip surface to make more difficult and complex movements more easily attainable.


  • Strap length 4.5 m (looped 2.25 m drop length)
  • 25 mm handle diameter thickness
  • 23 cm diameter of the wooden rings
  • Indexed length markings for easy adjustment
  • Metal clamp with easy length adjustment

Max capacity 150 kg per side

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Southern Wooden Gym Rings

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