• Panatta Olympic Safety Hack Squat Barbell

There's nothing easy about squatting with the Olympic Safety Hack Squat Barbell - it take your squats to the next level by combining the front and back squat. The Olympic Safety Hack Squat Barbell is the ultimate anterior chain training tool. Dramatically increasing the loading in areas stimulated by front squats while retaining the back squat power, this bar will make intense squat progressions achievable by increasing the maximum loading over that of the traditional back squat. The bar is especially useful to anybody suffering from arm/shoulder injuries or flexibility issues who have trouble using a straight barbell. The bar is supported with your hands in a neutral position with weight distributed via pads on your shoulders and neck. This is also useful to those who have issues with pressure on their neck when squatting with a traditional barbell.


  • Bar rating of 320kg (700lbs)
  • Barbell weight is 22.5 kg
  • Barbell dimensions are 220 cm long
  • Olympic grade for maximum lifting power
  • Chrome coating provides a durable maintenance free protective finish to the bar.


Safety Squat Bar Dimensions

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Panatta Olympic Safety Hack Squat Barbell

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