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Spin Bike IS550 - Swing Bike

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  • $1,925.00

Introducing The IONFITNESS IS550 Swing Spin Bike riding experience, a real road feeling indoor spin bike. The innovative Swing-System allows the whole frame to lean both sides up to 10° allowing for body movement that simulates a real road riding experience.

The IS550 Swing Spin Bike

Side-To-Side leaning motion

Side-To-Side leaning motion

10° to lean

The innovative Swing System allows the whole frame, not just the head tube or center point, to lean to either side. In each stride, you will feel your body movement is just like you are actually riding and not just pedaling.

Patent Swing System

Aerospace Technology Applied

State of the art engineering science and advanced aerospace technology are applied in the patent Swing System. No maintenance, no oil and no noise makes your riding experience more real.

Multiple Training Effects

Multiple Training Effects

Core Muscle Group Training

Similar to riding outside, your natural motion on Swing Riding bike incorporates your core and upper body, and it also required more balance than a typical bike trainer.

Increase Training Effects

With different postures, you can use different muscle groups to balance your body. You will find out how swing riding bike can increase your training effect.

Special-designed Handlebar

Special-designed Handlebar

For perfect hand position

Combined with the design of road handlebar, aero bar, and flat handlebar, this handlebar is made for all cyclists. You will easily find the most comfortable hand position on it.

Professional Magnetic Control

Professional Magnetic Control

Smooth, silent, and realistic

Applied with the technology of Eddy current, the magnetic resistance control system provides you the realistic simulation of speed and momentum.

Excellent Ergonomics

Excellent Ergonomics

Fits your riding position

The handlebar and seat could be adjusted up/ down and forward/ backward. You can regulate the riding position according to your outdoor bike, no matter MTB or road bike.

Length 127 cm
Width 87 cm
Height 129.5
Flywheel 5.5 kg
Transmission Poly-V Belt
Resistance Level Continuous
Monitor 3.5&
Data Readout RPM / Speed / Heart Rate / Calories / Distance / Time
Machine Weight 45 kg
Optional Heart Rate Receiver Wireless Chest Strap

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