• Southern Olympic Dumbbells Bars

Olympic Dumbbells Bars are a great addition to any serious weight trainer. If you already have a lot of Olympic weights, then these are a MUST HAVE for you! The Olympic Dumbbell Bars offer a great workout and are for use with 2" (5 cm) Olympic Weight Plates and collars (Screw Collars or Lock Jaws). The knurled handles let you grip the solid steel dumbbell bars well, and they boast a chrome finish. Each bar weighs 5.5 kg (12.1 lbs) and come supplied as a pair.


  • 500mm (20 inches) long
  • Grip Length: 11.7cm
  • Handle diameter: 3.2cm
  • Easy to grip knurling
  • High-Quality copper bushings allow the sleeves to rotate

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Southern Olympic Dumbbells Bars

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