• Southern Kettlebells - Premium Powder Coated Cast Iron

Kettlebells are the world's single most effective tool for MASSIVE gains in strength, speed and athletic endurance! Kettlebells deliver strength, endurance and rapid weight loss without the dishonor of aerobics and dieting.

Our premium powder coated cast iron Kettlebells have been manufactured using a cutting edge molding method so they have a smooth surface and don't require any putty or other additives to make them "look and feel" smooth. Because of this we are able to finish them off with a high grade powder coating, the same method used on other premium grade commercial gear such as Rigs, Pin Loaded Machines and Power Racks etc. Yep, this makes sense! Kettlebells cop an absolute beating so why shouldn't they be manufactured and then finished off in the same way as other hard wearing, robust gear. By powder coating them instead of painting them they resist chipping, scratching flaking and looking sad after only a few days of use.

Weight Options:

  • Kettlebells 4 kg
  • Kettlebells 6 kg
  • Kettlebells 8 kg
  • Kettlebells 10 kg
  • Kettlebells 12 kg
  • Kettlebells 14 kg
  • Kettlebells 16 kg
  • Kettlebells 18 kg
  • Kettlebells 20 kg
  • Kettlebells 24 kg
  • Kettlebells 28 kg
  • Kettlebells 32 kg
  • Kettlebells 36 kg
  • Kettlebells 40 kg
  • Kettlebells 44 kg
  • Kettlebells 48 kg

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Southern Kettlebells - Premium Powder Coated Cast Iron

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