• Panatta Balance Yoga Ball

The Balance Yoga Ball, commonly referred to as the Bosu Balance Yoga Ball, is the ultimate piece of gym equipment for balance, core stability and body awareness training.

It is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for everything, from cardio to core strength training, rehabilitation to yoga. With the ball side up, you can stand, squat, sit or use it just like you would a step for aerobics, the difference is your body has to constantly shift and contract to stay aligned. This not only helps you burn more calories, but enhances coordination and balance.

Turn it over and you can use it as a bench for strength and power training, push-ups or just sitting on it to test your balance. The balance yoga ball targets the core muscles of your body and those muscles around your abdominal and back area, helping you to not only gain strength, but to help coordinate your entire body. Super tough material and non-slip pads on the base provide for stability and protection when used on hard surfaces. The resistance bands add an extra dimension to balance ball exercises by providing a 'whole body' workout. 

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Panatta Balance Yoga Ball

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