• Southern Foam Plyo Box

Our Foam Plyo Box, with a heavy duty construction for jumps, are perfect for functional training rooms!

These Padded Gym Jumping Boxes, also known as jumping boxes, plyometric boxes, plyo boxes and foam plyo boxes, are a fantastic new addition to any range of performance functional equipment. These new jumping boxes are perfect for use with gym users, athletes and even children because it will decrease the stress on the joints when landing, as opposed to harder surfaces.

The boxes are attached together with strong Velcro straps to help ensure safety during use. The soft plyo jumping boxes are made from a high density foam and covered with hard wearing, non-skid vinyl, and the main benefit is that the foam will absorb some of the impact during a landing. For many athletes and everyday clients, one of the potential downloads with plyometrics and jump training is the volume of stress going through the foot, ankle, knees and hips – these soft plyo boxes decrease that problem.


  • Soft surface reduces stress on joints during landing
  • Boxes can be stacked on top of each other and are held in place securely with Velcro strips
  • Unique stack-able design minimizes space required
  • Light and easier to move around
  • Dimensions 91cm x 76 cm

Length 36 inches
Width 30 inches
Height 18 inches | 12 inches | 6 inches | 3 inches

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Southern Foam Plyo Box

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