Back muscle is one of the most difficult to build. That's the reason why it is the true sign of a bodybuilder.

How's about getting some help from Southern Row & Lat Pull Down Cable Attachment Kit

Our Row & Lat Pull Down Attachments simply assist users to target hard-to-train muscle at the back while keeping their wrists in a partial state of flexion to prevent grip failure, forearm fatigue or any injuries

Our row & lat pull-down cable attachments kit includes 5 different grips assisting 3 variations including Neutral (palms inward), Pronate (palms facing away) and Supinate (palms facing towards you).

Outstanding Features:

+ Best Design For Row and Lat Pull Down Exercises

+ Commercial quality and design but coming with home gym price.

+ Made by highest quality steel

+ Textured surface for extra grip

What Included In The Package:

+ 1x Extra Wide Lat Pulldown Cable Attachment

+ 1x Narrow Lat Pulldown Cable Attachment

+ 1x Wide Row Cable Attachment

+ 1x Close Grip Lat Pulldown Cable Attachment

+ 1x Close Grip Row Cable Attachment

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5 Southern Row & Lat Pulldown Cable Attachments

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