• Southern Hex Trap Bar 2" x 72"

With the Hex Trap Bar 2" x 72", there is now a more versatile dual-handle design, Olympic style sleeves, and a 25% reduction in weight. An alternative bar for performing the classic deadlift, this brushed steel bar, develops grip strength and endurance, placing hands in an optimal, balanced position for performing the 'Shrug' and the 'Farmers Walk'.

This makes the Trap Bar advantageous for strengthening the lockout, overloading on shrugs, and/or limiting shoulder stress during bench presses. It also enables beginners or rehabbing athletes to focus on their range of motion or gradually develop a deadlift program without putting as much pressure on the lower back.


  • Made from a high grip, chrome gloss coated finish
  • 1.82 m in length (72") 
  • Handle: 1240 mm x 28 mm
  • Outer bar length: 245 mm x 50 mm
  • 27.5 kg in weight
  • 350 kg maximum capacity loading
  • Diamond knurling grip (25 mm diameter) 
  • Designed for Olympic plates only

Weight of Trap Bar: 27.5 kg

Capacity: 350 kg

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Southern Hex Trap Bar 2" x 72"

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