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  • Southern Hip Glute Drive

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Southern Hip Glute Drive

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  • $1,999.00

Southern Hip Glute Drive

Inspired by the increasing trend of glute exercises, the Southern Glute Drive safely isolates your glute muscles, building power through a strong hip bridge motion. These benefits are important for a wide variety of sports and exercises, and is arguably the most important muscles for total athleticism. The Southern Hip Glute Drive gives you the full benefits of the hip thrust exercise while maintaining correct form. The machine is designed to promote great bio-mechanics and a balanced weight curve. A comfortable padded belt secures the user to the back pad which supports the full length of the spine for added safety.


  • Upper body pivot bench provides full spinal stabilization and support
  • Heavy reinforced padded waist harness provides optimal lifting application
  • Oversized angled foot platform to accommodate users of all sizes
  • Dual sided safety catch and release mechanism for ease of use
  • Bottom dropout safety stop
  • 160 kg max load capacity
  • Integrated resistance band pegs for modification of load curve
  • Commercial Grade dual pivot bearings
  • 3mm Wall thickness industrial grade steel
Length 169 cm
Width 153 cm
Height 79 cm
Weight Stack 160 kg (80 kg + 80 kg)
Machine Weight 90 kg

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Price and design changes happen from time to time.
Price and design changes happen from time to time.

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