• Southern Single Modular Rack MND-C33

Just think about it,  nothing is more of a nuisance than your functional balls rolling around in your training area. Instead of focusing on your workout, now you have to spend a lot of time just to keep these balls organized. 

More than that, you can't grab what you need. what if all of your functional balls have a similar color, so how do you get the one you need without taking time for checking all of them. 

Single Modular Rack MND-C33 will be the answer you're looking for. This product is not only designed to keep all of your exercise balls in one place when you don't use them but it is also one of the best storage solutions to organize the exercise balls by size, weight, and functions.

Just imagine, when all of your functional balls are in the right place, there will be no delay in your preparation for any workout.

Best Design For:

  • Wall Ball

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Southern Single Modular Rack MND-C33

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