We understand that Yoga mat is crucial for every yoga practitioner at all levels. That's why our yoga mats are always produced to a very high standard.

Our yoga mats are non-toxic, extremely friendly with environment and anti-slipping. Now yoga practitioners can enjoy their yoga sessions without slipping of body parts.


✔️ Natural Rubber Base

✔️ Dimension: 61cm x173cm x 0.6cm

✔️ Weight: 3.5kg

Outstanding Features:

✔️ Anti-Slipping Technology:

Southern Rubber Yoga Mats are produced with anti-slipping technology preventing to get slipped in undesired directions during yoga sessions.

✔️ Eco-Friendly And High Quality Material

Southern Rubber Yoga Mats are made from natural rubber base and PU Top layer which is non-toxic and extremely friendly with the environment.

Our high quality rubber base material ensure the stability of the practitioner's body and also offer perfect user experience with a soft pleasant touch and feel on the surface

Length 173cm
Width 61cm
Height 0.6cm

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Southern Rubber Yoga Mat

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