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Half Rack Station PL350

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  • $3,355.00

The Half Rack Station PL350 can be used by any kind of user, thanks to the variety of adjustments and different positions it offers. The structure has to be anchored to the floor in order to make it more stable and safe. Pull-up bars for different exercises. Optimize the space in your facility or home gym with the Half Rack Station.

Optional Accessories:

  • J-Hooks
  • Safety bars
  • Land-mine
  • Holders for weight plates
  • Rack holders for bars
  • Accessories for bands
  • Pull-up bars with different positions to target different muscle groups

Main Features

15 Exercise Positions

15 Exercise Positions

The Half Rack PL350 has 15 height positions and a universal clamping system that allows a great adaptability to different exercises.

Multiple Pull Up Bars

Multiple Pull Up Bars

The Half Rack station includes a pull-up bar to target your lats, triceps and biceps muscles, as well as a wide range of accessories (sold separately).

Reinforced Structure

Reinforced Structure

The reinforced structure grants the greatest stability even during the most demanding exercises.

Barbell Supports

Barbell Supports

The Half Rack Station has two bar rack supports, manufactured in high resistance steel and covered with stainless steel.

Safety Bars

Safety Bars

The safety bars can be used for the prevention of accidents and can be used as a guide while performing squats.


Landmine Attachment

With the landmine attachment added to the Half Rack station, it gives the functionality of a t-bar or torsonator.

Resistance Bands Pivot Pegs

Resistance Bands Pivot Pegs

The Full Rack training rig comes equipped with 6 stainless steel pivot pegs (3 on each side) for training with elastic and resistance training bands.

Anti-Corrosion Painting Treatment

Anti-Corrosion Painting Treatment

3-layer coating comprised of initial anti-corrosion primer for guaranteed durability, followed by an epoxy powder layer and finished with lacquer or varnish.

4mm Thick Structure

4 mm Thick Structure

4 mm thick ST-37 / 40 steel frame for guaranteed durability and high resistance 5 mm thick coated steel cable for a smooth, secure performance.

Plate Loaded Machines

Plate Loaded

The new plate load line is designed for the user who want to develop strength and power. This range of machines are plate loaded and use free weights to build the muscles in a different way from pin loaded machines.

Length 157 cm
Width 183 cm
Height 253 cm
Machine Weight 200 kg

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