The GHD (Glute/Hamstring Developer) is a must-have for any serious training facility. Its comparative size and considerable footprint claim floor space, but the GHD is the ultimate anvil for hammering out a powerful posterior chain and mid-section.

Essentially, the GHD provides a platform for flexion and extension of the trunk. When prone, the machine can be used through hip extension, back extension or combination hip-and-back extension to condition the posterior chain. In the supine position, the GHD delivers the mother of all sit-ups.By lying face-down with the foot-holds positioned so your hips are in front of the rolling pads, the torso hangs down at a 90 degree right-angle to the legs.

By contracting the erector spinal muscles, the torso returns to horizontal. This is a potent workout for the spinal erector muscles, as well as the glutes and hamstrings. Back extension requires moving the foot-holds further away, so the hips are arrested by the rolling pad and all movement is through the mid and upper back. From the hanging position described above, the athlete extends the back, vertebrae by vertebrae like a caterpillar. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the spinal column. Performing both exercises with the foot-pad in the original position and the hips forward of the rolling pad will combine the advantages of both exercises in the most rigorous and demanding way.

Turn over and perform a GHD sit up with your feet fixed while seated on the rolling pad. Recruiting the hip flexor muscles into the movement, progressively increases your range of motion as your strength increases to engage in an exercise which will punish your abs like nothing else. Of paramount importance to a quality GHD is stability. Our machine eliminates all movement in the fully adjustable foot-holds because they are locked in place with both a pin and a fastening screw.

The platform is a rolling pad, rather than the standard fixed pad. Not only does a rolling pad allow for a much smoother transition into extensions, it also eliminates the friction that wears pads out, and makes for uncomfortable mounting and dismounting. We've also added a resting pad under the rolling pad to provide a stable position for set-up. Handles on the foot plate have been added for Reverse Hypers. 

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Southern Glute Hamstring Developer (GHD) - Roman Style

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