• Southern Fat Grips

Fat Grips will help you build bigger, stronger arms. They work by wrapping around barbells, dumbbells, cable attachments and exercise machine handles and increasing their diameter. A thicker diameter bar causes greater muscle activation in arms which leads to incredible muscle size and strength gains, making Fat Grips a necessity to add to your collection of gym equipment.

Sold and price as a pair!


  • They are used by thousands of strength athletes and military, NFL players, UFC fighters and CrossFitters
  • Fat Grips work by instantly converting barbells, dumbbells and pull-up bars into THICK BARS so that you can train the way many pro athletes do.
  • Using a thicker diameter bar causes much greater muscle activation throughout the arms because it forces them to work much harder. This increased muscle activation leads to bigger, faster gains in muscle size and functional strength (especially in overall arm size). You will literally feel the difference from the very first time you use them
  • Made from a high-density material a lot like extra tough rubber – they are built to last a lifetime and won’t compress even if lifting extreme loads
  • They have a slit on one side which allows them to be pulled open and fitted tightly round barbells, dumbbells and chin-up bars in less than 3 seconds
  • Whether are interested in building a great physique, sports performance or raw strength and power Fat Grips will help you get there faster

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Southern Fat Grips

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