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  • Fixed CPU EZ Curl Bar

Fixed CPU EZ Curl Bar

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Fixed CPU EZ Curl Bar

Like our straight Fixed CPU Straight Bars, our Fixed CPU EZ Curl Bars are constructed of hardened chrome and features soft-medium knurling for a comfortable grip. The fixed weights are coated with a black matte polyurethane that is designed to endure, and sport a vibrant red border and high contrast size Panatta label. The EZ Curl Bar is tailor made to reduce pressure on your wrists, forearms and elbows while you perform seated, preacher or standing curls. This is because the curl in the shaft allows users to hold the bar in a more natural setup with their palms angled upward and toward each other in a semi-neutral position. Fixed Weight Barbells are available in 5 kg increments from 10 kg to 55 kg.

Fixed CPU EZ Curl Bar Features:

  • Available in 5 kg weight increments from 10 kg - 55 kg
  • Polyurethane coating
  • Hardened chrome handle
  • Soft-medium knurling

The Fixed CPU EZ Curl Bars are perfect for standing, seated and preacher curls, upright rows and tricep extensions. Some athletes also prefer the EZ Curl Bar for a range of pressing exercises. The low fuss fixed weight setup makes this bar ideal for circuit style training.

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Price and design changes happen from time to time.
Price and design changes happen from time to time.

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