• Southern Double Combination Modular Rack MND-C52

Nothing boosts your fitness motivation than well-organized gym facilities and storage plays an important role in keeping the fitness center in a clean and well-organized setting.

Proper storage will make sure that you will always have high efficiency during your workout time. Just imagine when all of your gears, fitness equipment in the right place,  you can stay focused and limit distraction easily during your workout.

Double Combination Modular Rack MND-C52 is designed to be one of the best fitness storage solutions on the market that you can put all of your favorite gear on without any concerns.  

Best Design For:

  • Kettlebells
  • Dumbbells
  • Bumper plates
  • Slam Ball,
  • Medicine Ball
  • Wall balls
  • Sand Bags 

Best Features:

  • The heavy-duty shelf is designed for keeping kettlebells, dumbbells, sand bags, bumper plates and other heavy training gears
  • The bottom shelf is designed for holding wall, medicine and slam balls.

It has never been easier to make an ideal training space with Double Combination Modular Rack MND-C52. 

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Southern Double Combination Modular Rack MND-C52

  • $3,999.00

  • Ex Tax: $3,635.45