• Panatta Deltoid Press - RECONDITIONED

The Deltoid Press, better know as the shoulder press, is a variation of the seated barbell shoulder press used to strengthen the muscles of the shoulders. Using Panatta’s Deltoid Press as a way to perform a pressing type movement pattern, focuses on isolating the shoulder muscles and training them.

Primary muscles targeted are your shoulder, deltoid and trap muscles. Secondary muscles activated are your forearm muscles.

Main Features

  • Illustrative chart with QR code linked to technical video

Technical Information

  • Seat with gas assisted height adjustment
  • Backrest with gas assisted horizontal adjustment
  • Large stabilisation platform (optional)
  • Pre-load lever
  • Multiple grips
  • Physiological load curve
  • Independent levers: unilateral or bilateral exercise

Muscles Targeted:

Muscles Targeted

Video Demonstration

Length 165 cm
Width 160 cm
Height 135 cm
Machine Weight 175 kg
Maximum Weight Load 220 kg

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Panatta Deltoid Press - RECONDITIONED

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