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Water Rower M1 Hirise Rowing Machine

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The Water Rower M1 HiRise Rowing Machine is a full commercial model with a higher entry point (500mm/20").  A joint friendly, low impact full body workout with the Water Rower. Rowing is a seated exercise which removes the weight of the body great for rehabilitation and those wanting a low impact full body workout.

The frame is constructed from a fabricated tubular steel and is equipped with standard 17" handles. Included in with the Rower is an Owners Manual, Syphon Pump, Water Purification Tablets and Allen Key.

Workout Monitor S4 Performance Monitor Heart Rate Monitoring available for this model with additional kit (sold separately).

Why choose a Water Rower?


The Water Rower’s unique water flywheel design uses an specially formed paddle to cup the moving water, reducing slippage and producing an unrivaled simulation of the benefits of rowing.


There is no jerkiness or jarring which is often associated with conventional mechanical rowing machines making the exercise unpleasant. Only smooth even load, kind to the body, and relaxing to the mind.


There is no "solid" connection between user and the moving water, simply an immersed paddle which dampens out any detrimental mechanical feel. Providing some "give" is essential for accommodating bad or developing technique, lessening the risk of injury.


The water rower offers a  uniform stroke which is essential to spread the work more evenly over the muscle groups, optimizing exercise benefit while reducing risk of injury.

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