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MAGSYS Group Training Rack - Magbridge Middle Module

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  • $6,622.00

The MAGSYS Group Training Rack - Magbridge Middle Module is the best way to improve performance of the bigger and larger gym, fitness, training and functional areas. A variety of different monkey bar can connect the modules together and the length can be customized to any gym space. Due to its adaptability, your gym will be able to easily introduce the latest training concepts in order to improve and increase member attraction! Whether its functional, HIIT, boxing, suspension, or balance training,...

"Your Modular Space. Your accessories. Your methods. Your rules!"


With so many benefits, including Space Optimization, more income through new activities, dynamic exercise, infinite configurations and fully customization modules and adaptable to any space, the MAGSYS is a great tool for member attractions. 


(Patent pending system) Hanging points can be placed in any point of the structure without needing to screw. 


MAGSYS offers three kinds of trays in order to organize the functional material. Open big tray for fitness balls and big material, open medium tray for balls and bags and small close tray for kettlebells and heavy small material. 

Modular Design of the Structure

Due to a super modular design of the structure, the installation is very simple and non-aggressive for the fitness room. Strong foot of structure with rings for attaching devices, such us ropes and elastic bands.

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