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Alternate Bicep Curling Machine - Plate Loaded

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Alternate Bicep Curling Machine - Plate Loaded

The Biceps Curling Machine, often referred to as the bicep curl machine or precher curl machine, allows you to isolate your biceps muscles to build more mass and definition effectively. Our seated biceps curl machine allows for single or dual training, meaning you can focus on one arms or both.

Primary muscles targeted are your bicep and forearm muscles.

Main Features

  • Illustrative chart with QR code linked to technical video

Technical Information

  • Seat with gas assisted height adjustment
  • Rotating jointed grip with adaptive system
  • Counterbalanced
  • Physiological load curve with pantograph progressive system
  • Independent levers: Unilateral or bilateral exercise movement

Muscles Targeted:

Muscles Targeted

Video Demonstration

Length 120 cm
Width 155 cm
Height 125 cm
Machine Weight 165 kg
Maximum Weight Load 220 kg

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Price and design changes happen from time to time.
Price and design changes happen from time to time.

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